BTS: MV Black Swan reaches 100 million views on YouTube


The grouping of K-Pop male BTStook a new award in reproductions of YouTube. On this occasion, with your music video of “Black Swan” and gathered more than 100 million views since its premiere in March of 2020. All this was thanks to his fandom ARMYbeing that they never stopped to show their love for their favorite singers. Congratulations!

MV Black Swan reaches 100 million

According to kpop music, celebrity, the Bangtan Boys recorded this achievement from the 8:19 a.m. KST (schedule of Korea) June 8, and this music video it became her twenty-fourth 24th success in accumulating this high amount of reproductions. Through the Channel of Big Hi Labels of the agency Big Hit Entertainmentwas that also noted more than 6.2 million I like.

BTS: MV Black Swan reaches 100 million views on YouTube
BTS: MV Black Swan reaches 100 million views on YouTube

Other MV BTS to take this amount of views in YouTube are “Dope“, “Fire“, “Blood, Sweet & Tears“, “Boy in Luv“, “Save Me“, “Not Today“, “Spring Day“, “DNA“, “Danger“, “I Need U“, “War of Hormone“, “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)“, “Fake Love,“ “the IDOL“, “Just One Day“, “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2“, “Run“, “The Boy With Luv“, “No More Dream“, “Airplane Pt. 2 (Japanese version)“, “ON” (Kinetic Manifesto Film: Eat Raw), “ON” and “IDOL” (feat Nicki Minaj).

Watch the MV of Black Swan by BTS

The ARMY of RM, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Suga, V and Jungkook, showed that in less than 4 months got a high amount of views in one of the more recent music videos of the boyband. Recall that the comeback was an official February 21, 2020; all before the threat of infection by Coronavirus.

That said, BTS first presented his choreography of Black Swan on the stage of u.s. program Late Late Show with James Corden; as part of his promotional tour in the United States and that no doubt opened more doors for him in popularity to the international level.

BTS and Suga in the United States

The visit of these singers of K-Pop to the USA ended up with new friend’s musical. An example is the collaboration of Suga with the rapper American Max; which formed part of his new mixtape solo, “D-2”.


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Because of this, Yoongi hasn’t stopped breaking records in sales with his album, and even with her music video of Agust D ‘대취타’; being more than 76 million views on YouTube that recorded in June since its debut a May 22, 2020.