Emma Watson has always advocated for women of color


Emma Watson is trended on social networks after “add” to the outrage of many artists for what happened with George Floyd the last month.

What came out is that Emma is not doing this for fashion because of their multiple photos in social networks, many are of feminism and support for women of color ranging more or less from 2015.

The issue is that many users do not know the background of Emma and have been classified as a person “white and privileged” that is actively participating in the movements of social networks that sparked this #BlackoutTuesday.

The message of the #BlackoutTuesday consisted of three black boxes accompanied by the hashtags #blackouttuesday #theshowmustbepaused #amplifymelanatedvoices #amplifyblackvoices millions of users postseason (including Emma) is just that in the case of the actress who gave life to Hermione Granger, posted three white squares before the black boxes.

Your posts have reached over a million likes on Instagram, each one accompanied by messages of users very upset by the have gotten 3 boxes white before the black ones to “not ruin the aesthetics” of their profile of Instagram.

The criticism is not only focused on their post if not for that Emma remained silent for almost a week before they start with their cyber-activism, which also caused the anger of many of those involved in the movement that is taking place.

Keep in mind that Emma has always been a woman in pro of the human rights and feminist and even is an ambassador for the United Nations.

By now Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Halsey among other famous Americans have given all their support to the movement by paying bail bonds and even going to go putting yourself at risk as happened with Halsey that was physically hurt in the march.

Do you think that it was right for the activism of Emma Watson?