Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are in addition to the protests for #BlackLivesMatter

The protests that have raged in the United States, after the assassination of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, have inspired hundreds of celebrities to raise voice against the police brutality and racism, leading them even to take to the streets and join the thousands of people who since last week have demanded a stop to this type of violence. One of them has been Jennifer Lopez, who last Sunday, June 7, was present in the protests that took place in Los Angeles, California, and from the hand of her fiance, Alex Rodriguez.



Dressed in black and with their faces covered in surgical masks in the same tone, the couple jumped to the streets to join in the cry for justice by the death of Floyd and the height to the racist actions on the part of the authority. However, the presence of the actress was also motivated by Max his 12-year-old son that moved by the historical moment in which their country lives, he encouraged his mother to join to the people of his city. As well did know the artist of 50 years, who even revealed the way in which their twins were also present in the streets.

“Today I made Emme and Max we do me and Alex a banner for the protest. Max told me a few days ago: ‘you know mom that you have followers as well as some of my players of YouTube, and we ask that we support the things we do, you should do it by George Floyd‘. I said: ‘It’s funny you say that baby, I’m planning on a few things. Do you want to help by making a banner?’ And they did it! We talked about how if a person has no righteousness, no one has. This country was built on the belief of liberty and justice for all. We must defend what we believe in and fight against the injustices in this world. Then we continue to protest peacefully until there is a change“shared JLo on Instagram along with a video that shows how you have given the protests over the past few days.


By his side, Alex Rodriguez shared a series of photographs and videos in which you can see taken from Jennifer’s hand, walking together through the streets and lifted up the voice along with thousands of others. “In all our country, for nearly two weeks, the message has been sent loud and clear. Americans everywhere are protesting for peace. By equality. By the humanity. For show #BlackLivesMatter. To show that we are sick, both for the way senseless in that George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis as well as the many brutal murders, unnecessary, and ugly that came before him. Los Angeles, we are proud to join you in a peaceful protest this evening. We are proud to walk alongside you and share the broadcast of a message so important. Thank you for speaking. Thank you for continuing to fight the good battle. Thank you for using your voices for ever. America: it’s time to listen”, he wrote along with the moving images.

In addition to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, other celebrities like Ariana Grande, Michael B. Jordan, Timothée Chalamet, Emily Ratajkowski, Harry Styles, Kanye West, among others, have joined the protests in different ways, lifting up the voice in the street or even making donations to organizations dedicated to the fight against racism. Without a doubt, this movement has not left anyone indifferent and each day more people are inspired by these protests, have begun to replicate these actions all over the world.