John Boyega joins the rally “Justice for Black Lives” in London


John Boyega gave a speech emphatic to hundreds of supporters at a rally of the Justice for Black Lives in the Hyde Park in London on 3 June. The actor Star Wars he stood up and clung to a megaphone while making your call to action. “The lives of black always have been imported,” said John in a video captured by the journalist of CBS News, Haley Ott. “We’ve always wanted to say something. And now is the time”, he said, condemning the racism.

John has been one of the many public figures in the be adjacent to peaceful protesters in solidarity with the movement Black Lives Matter. Prior to his attendance at the protest in Hyde Park, John went to his Instagram Live on the 27th of may to tell his followers that he would not tolerate racism of any that claimed to be his fan. “I’ve spent my whole career as an actor and I want you to know this: I am not Hollywood… I’m from London, we have different rules. We are real,” he said.

The feelings of the actor have been echoed around the world, as millions of people continue joining the protests after the death of the unarmed black man, George Floyd, on may 25, at the hands of officers of the Minneapolis police. On June 2, actress Keke Palmer went out to the streets of Los Angeles. There, begged the National Guard to join her as they marched. “We need you. Up to our side… please,” pleaded the actress.

Along with Keke, and John, stars like Ariana Grande and Harry Styles have joined the protesters in Los Angeles. Even more stars have taken to social media, such as Cole Sprouse, using his platform to bring the rear in the movement Black Lives Matter. As protests continue, increasingly bind to the citizens in the fight against police brutality and racial injustice.

The words of John Boyega emerged a week after George Floyd died of asphyxiation after being restrained by the disgraced officer Derek Chauvin. Derek used his knee to press the neck of George, leaving him unconscious and then dying in the Medical Center Hennepin County. Chauvin was charged may 29 with involuntary manslaughter and murder in the third degree.