Johnny Depp and his incredible collection of cars: Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Range Rover, Mercedes…


Johnny Depp it is not those stars which adds to its collection of cars a new one every month, but over the years has preferred to focus its attention on some of the models in particular. We know very well that the actor of Owensboro (Kentucky) there is a personality to the use, rather on the contrary. Depp has alternated greatest hits with personal moments very difficult, among them the one that followed the divorce from his wife Amber Heard.

Even his career, after the great success of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean, seems to have been paralyzed, not so much by the films that have premiered but by the quality of their performances. A long time ago that we don’t see in a big production, with the uniqueness that distinguished her in the days of Donnie Brasco, Eduardo Manostijeras, or Sleepy Hallow.

Recently, however, Depp has returned to awaken the interest of the media to be opened a account in Instagram that has already accumulated more than 5 million followers, despite having published only nine posts. Waiting to know what will be their next moves, let’s see how it is the collection of cars of Johnny Depp.

Chevrolet Corvette (1959)

The Corvette first generation, produced between 1953 and 1962, is a true icon of the motor racing american. A few models can be compared to this. In particular, the red Corvette with the chrome visible is a real institution. Up George Clooney what you have, so that we are not surprised that it is also in the garage of Johnny Depp.

Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator it is one of the SUV more popular in the united States, especially in the luxury segment. It is not a coincidence that the VIPs used on a daily basis and that also appears in many films. Although it is used for all days, in principle, this can be a bit credible, since we are talking about a car that’s more than five metres. In any case, Johnny Depp has one.

Mercedes V Class

This Mercedes V-Class is also moving in the field of utility vehicles. For a time, Depp only uses jets private, so the minivan Mercedes is the most spacious, comfortable and luxurious moving from home to the airport.

Porsche 911 Carrera S (963)

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It is difficult to find a celebrity american that has never had a Porsche. The sports Zuffenhausen have always had good fame in the united States, especially the versions Targa or Cabrio. The Depp is a 911 Series 963 of the late 80’s.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Of all the production of Rolls-Royce, the Wraith is the most dynamic and original. We are talking about a car that measures 5,3 metres and costs, as little, to 300,000 euros. In summary, the king. In addition, each model can be customized to the smallest detail.

Range Rover

In the garage of Johnny Depp could not miss another king: the off-road. We refer to the Range Roverthe car that invented the concept of luxury off-road. The american actor has taken him on several occasions.