Johnny Depp needs to the accounts clear

Johnny Depp has made new requests to his ex, Amber Heard, and is that l want to note that everything that came to bear as indemnizacin, it has truly been used for the purpose for which it was communicated.

After the divorce of the famous, Heard revealed that the money earned was devoted to various works of charity, however, the actor it does not seem very convinced and has requested any information that the veracity of these donations.

Source: Instagram

l has issued some citations looking forward to collecting all kinds of information that can make sure your ex-wife has had participation with different organizations after their separation.

According to sources, he wants to obtain documents of the alleged participation, communication, and donations that made the native of Texas, with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Source: Instagram

All of this is with the intention of knowing if she really came to transfer the money earned by the indemnizacin of divorce, was intended for these organizations, charities, not-for-profit.

“The Blast” obtained some legal documents in which it is stated that it has applied to a court in Virginia citations relevant to compel organizations to provide information on the contribution of his ex-wife.

Source: Instagram

In these papers, the legal representatives of Johnny Depp requested to identify any exchange of information that there has been between any person or entities, whether verbal, telephone, fax, or mail.

All documents that refer, reflect or relate with any donacin made to YOU or for YOUR benefit by Ms. Heard, from 1 January 2016, up to the present.