Johnny Depp: The spirit of wild Hollywood


Without much to discuss, Johnny Depp is an actor who prefers to be away from the cameras rumeando its silence and privacy. Unfortunately, his personal life and love have been the talk for many years. From her controversial relationship with Winona Ryder (who starred in “Edward scissor hands”) until you get to Vanessa Pardis (the mother of his daughter) and finally, Amber Heard. With her, he decided to marry and just when they seemed to be the perfect couple came to the divorce of the hand with a dispute that came to court.

Heard accused him of being violent. One of these alleged episodes, came to light in April of this year when they released an audio recording about a serious altercation of the couple in Australia when they had been only a month married, and that ended up in the hospital.

“I don’t find the finger. I am not able to find it”. This desperate search is one of those that can be heard clearly in new audio of a fight between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been filtered now the daily Mail. In him to appreciate the consequences of a huge fight between the players who finished between botellazos and blood, and in which the interpreter of “Pirates of the Caribbean” ended up losing a piece of finger, according to published Country.

The actors were married for 15 months, between February 2015 and may 2016 and since then have been engaged in serious mutual accusations of physical and psychological abuse that have made them face in different trials, although for now, they are on pause due to the pandemic by COVID-19.

In front of all these accusations, Winona, his ex-girlfriend came to his defense before a judge and put in the fabric of judgment that the protagonist of “Aquaman” was providing actual statements because they were “impossible to believe”. “I don’t want to call anyone a liar, but from my experience with Johnny is impossible for me to believe that these horrendous allegations are true. I find it extremely disconcerting knowing him as I know him,” admits the actress of “Stranger Things” in his judicial declaration according to published “The Blast”.

“I knew very well to Johnny for years. We were together as a couple for four years and I saw him as my best friend, as close to me as if it were my family. Story our relationship as one of the most significant of my life. I understand that it is very important to talk from my own experience,” continues in his statements, Winona. Which for many of the fan of the actor, it was the love of his life. Their romance lasted for four years and even got to have the commitment, Depp was so in love that they are made a tattoo “Winona forever” (Winona forever). They met in 1989 with the filming of “Great ball of fire”.

Although it might seem that yes, her controversial personal life has not managed to overshadow his career in Hollywood. Where it has managed to develop great characters.

Fan of Cantinflas

He has a deep admiration for the actor Mario Moreno, known for his legendary character of Cantinflas. Proof of this is that you would like to interpret it.

According to Mario Moreno del Moral, grandson of the so-called “Mime of Mexico”, was some years ago when Depp he confessed his desire to interpret his grandfather. “She told Me that she would like to embody Cantinflas. I was doing a documentary on two Spanish artists…” said the young man to the Window and added that Depp knew a lot about the trajectory of the deceased icon.