Justin Bieber accepts to have taken advantage of African-American culture for his music


The Canadian artist has shared several messages in their official accounts to support the protests against racism

The movement Black Lives Matter has caused several celebrities have decided to raise their voice to condemn racism in the United States. One of them was Justin Bieber, who promised to fight against social injustice by means of social networks.

Through your account Instagram the Canadian singer said that it will use the social networks to create awareness and try to change the situation. Justin Bieber, he spoke of his commitment to justice since their music has been influenced by the African American culture.

“I’m inspired by the black culture. I have benefited from black culture. My style, how to sing, dance, act, and my fashion have been influenced and inspired by the black culture. I am committed to using my platform to learn, speak of the racial inequity, and the systematic oppression,” wrote Bieber.

Since they began demonstrations against racism after the death of George Floydthe the artist of 26 years has shown their support for the movement Black Lives Matter with a series of publications on Instagram, where does a call to continue the fight against racism.

The name of Justin Bieber attracted the attention of her fans Mexico in the last few hours after a live broadcast with his wife Hailey Baldwin. The interpreter Sorry surprised his millions of followers to listen to the theme Give me a kiss the group Untouchable.