Lady Gaga fights with pandemics and protests for “Chromatica” What New feat?


Lady Gaga yes who knows how to play the cards in terms of their promotion of the album “Chromatica” refers to. Is one of those singers who dared to fight against the pandemic by the Covid-19 in addition to the protests, anti-racism in the united States after the death of George Floyd, on the 25th of may in Minneapolis. Although this is a complex task, has slowly emerged in the midst of these days of turmoil.

It turns out that the diva of 33 years was ranked in the number one Billboard 200. That is to say, in the list of the bestselling albums in the industry. In addition, since last may 29, the date of its release, it was during 7 consecutive days among the first places. To this is added that last Friday, Billboard unveiled its new official list of best selling albums in the united States based on a counting system with companies Nielsen Music/MRC Data.

It should be noted that these figures physical and digital, also take into account the reproductions via streams to then throw a final result. There follows a great news for fans of “Little Monsters”, since he took over the position number 1 with the album Chromatica. But, why this board has caught on so fast among the preferences of the public with few days of be available in the official sites?

The success of Lady Gaga

Among the songs of this album are listed “Alice”; that makes a reference to Alice in Wonderland. “911”; a story of how to take medications to cope with changes, however, is one of the collaborations more powerful with Elton John. “Sine From Above”, “1000 Doves” and “Babylon” are other of the most popular tracks of the disk. But in reality it consists of 16 topics and 13 have a cut of dance-pop. However, the singles “Rain on me” and “Stupid Love” gave him a abrebocas to their fans who were thrilled with the productions.

The number 1 of Billboard 200 this year

1 Born This Way (2011)

2 Artpop (2013)

3 Cheek to Cheek (with Tony Bennett in 2014)

4 Joanne (2016)

5 A Star Is Born (soundtrack, 2018)

6 Chromatica (2020)

According to the statistics of Billboard, only 12 artists were located at number 6, achieving a debut at number one in a period of 10 years or less. Among them are the following: The Beatles, Justin Bieber, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Future, and Elvis Presley and now Lady Gaga that is positioned as the twelfth and first woman to break this feat.