Perform ceremony in memory of George Floyd in Houston, Texas


Meanwhile, dozens of celebrities flocked to the appeal of Michelle and Barack Obama

Several people carry the coffin of a citizen African-American George Floyd, who was killed at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis (Minnesota), on the 25th of May, this Monday in the chapel at Fountain of Praise Houston, Texas (United States).

Meanwhile, dozens of celebrities like Bono, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Mark Hamill, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, and the politics as the exsecretarios of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense, and a retired general, Robert Gates went to call Michelle and Barack Obama, who were this Sunday the hosts of the transmission of “YouTube Class of 2020”.

For three hours, more than six million young people who graduated from high school and college in the last few weeks in the United States were the target of powerful speeches that, despite their numerous differences, all agreed to put an end to the era of individualism, modern American, in that it puts the individual above the collective.

The speakers applauded the youth involved in the protests of the movement “Black Lives Matter” (The lives of black people matter), against police brutality and racial equity, in addition, to encourage them to transform anger into concrete changes by participating in the political process.

“These shocks to the system that we are seeing at this time, when preparing to go out into the world, remind us that we cannot take things for granted. We need to work to improve things. Remind us that our individual well-being depends on the well-being of the community in which we live,” said the former president Obama (2009-2017) at the end of the transmission.

“That no matter how much money you win if all the others around you are hungry and are sick. It reminds us that our country and our democracy will only work when you not only think in ourselves but in others,” he said.

The endpoint of the ceremony put the singer Katy Perry, who, barefoot and dressed in white showing her belly, eight months pregnant, sang her hit “Firework”.

Three hours before the transmission had begun to charge the singer-songwriter African-American Alicia Keys, who praised the social commitment of the young people, not only to help the victim’s health and the economic pandemic of the COVID-19 but to participate in the protests for racial equality in the country.

“In these moments the world feels broken… but you are transforming your pain and your outrage into action, and we are teaching that their generation is the one that is going to heal this,” said Keys.

His colleague Beyoncé, who had been limited to posting a video during the protests after the murder of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of the police, spoke of the way in which the rejection can be fuel for success, as each person has to define their version of success, but also invited the boys to “define new masculinity by showing your side more vulnerable.”

But in addition, held on to the generation that graduated this year. “Look what you have done in these 14 days… We have seen the power of the collective. We have seen what happens when we come together for the same cause. Please, continue to be the voice of those who do not have… Thank you for telling the world that the lives of black people matter.”

Many of the speakers reminded the young people the need to be involved in politics, but none so powerful as the former prime lady, Michelle Obama, who shortly after giving his speech published as an opinion column in the Washington Post.

“It’s up to you to put together each protest with plans and policies, organization, mobilization and the vote… Graduates, anger is a powerful force. It can be a effective strength. But if you leave it without focus, you just corrodes and destroys, always chaos inside and out,” said the former prime lady, who in 2019 was chosen as the woman the country’s most popular.

“When the rage is focused, when it is transformed into something more, that is the power that changes history”, expressed in relation to the protests today.

Unlike other transmissions of similar, in which celebrities of the show and the sport they wanted to recognize young people who have not had acts of graduations from traditional measures of containment designed to contain the spread of the coronavirus, Obama joined two exsecretarios (ministers) of the government of republican George Bush Jr.

Both the exsecretaria of State Rice as the former secretary of Defense Gates spoke of the need to overcome the “wickedness and filth” of the current policy, in a slightly veiled criticism of the current president of the united states, the also republican Donald Trump.

For her part, Lady Gaga confessed that he had another speech, that he had written before the death of Floyd, but decided to change it, “because you are at a moment of change that is history in the making” and stressed to the graduates that they are the ones who transform it into the end of racism and bigotry.