Querindose as it is: The photo of Selena Gomez showing her cellulite


If something has managed to do Selena Gomez during his career, art is to demonstrate that a woman should love itself being as it is, and that instead of worrying about what to tell, you must deal with by going after their dreams.

It is as with only 27 years old singer and actress has managed to consolidate a long list of successes, and a community of followers that love in all its facets, even in those where leave aside their nfulas artist and is displayed as any young natural and graceful.

In view of that in the last few das Selena it has been a little ms absent in the social networks, their fanatics took on the task of rescuing images old and found some that date back to 2017 when the former of Justin Bieber it was captured on a vacation on a yacht.

Selena G

What ms calls the attention in the images is that although Selena it looks a bit ms thick and even with cellulite on their legs, the young man kept snorer and pose for the chamber, as saying: If you want to see me, bc I am.

Selena G

The photos obviously have been vitalized in several fan clubs of the artist that ms all of you to see it as the beautiful woman who is admired by what it represents: A beauty!

Selena Gomez