Salma Hayek shares a message against racism


After the murder happened with George Floyd the Mexican actress Salma Hayek he shared a powerful message through social networks; the famous launched a campaign with the hashtag “Unitedjuntos”.

A few days ago the Hollywood star also expressed his feeling to the unfortunate situation that happened with Giovanni Lopez, a young man who lost his life by the assault received by the police.

In the social networks, various famous people, such as Carlos Rivera expressed his anger after the murder of Lopez, who was beaten by the authorities, because I wasn’t wearing a mask.

Salma Hayek ask for support to the Latino

Faced with this difficult situation that has occurred, the famous resorted to his official Instagram to share a powerful message and show your support to the African-American community after the murder of Floyd, a tragedy that has outraged the entire world.

The star of “Frida,” announced that it is beginning a campaign with the hashtag “Unitedjuntos”, for the Latino community to show its support to the African-American community.

The famous expressed to his millions of followers that it is time to join and support the people who have suffered discrimination, so we asked the users to participate with displays of affection and support, to demand human rights and protection against hate crimes.

The powerful message that he shared with the actress, was due to the movement Black Lives Matter, which has taken power after the death of Floyd, who lost his life at the hands of police officers.

The famous has been very active in social networks to defend the rights of the people, because at the end of the last month of may, Hayek shared a surprising message against gender-based violence.

Salma Hayek and famous against racism

In addition to the publications that have been shared with the Hollywood actress, various celebrities from the music and television as Ariana Grande chose to leave aside their work commitments to protest in the streets to demand justice, in the face of crimes that have happened with the African-American community.

While Jennifer Aniston was heartbroken after the cruel murder of Floyd, and so donated a million dollars to the organization of racial justice online Color Of Change the united States.

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Singer Kanye West also joined the protests that were held in Chicago last June 4; the rapper was present to support the African-American community for the violence they live in.