Selena Gomez raises its voice to fight against racism


Selena Gomez has also given voice to the fight against the racism which so concerns us since the death of George Floyd at the hands of the former officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis (EE.UU). Thousands of people from all over the world have spoken out against racial violence, and Selena has done so with a publication that is very significant in its Instagram.

Plunged in the context of the wave of protests around the world against racism, the message of Selena Gomez on his mind was directed to commemorate the pan-American Breonna Taylor in what would be his 27th birthday. “Breonna Taylor would have met today, 27 years. My same age. But he was shot eight times. Please help me out by signing this petition,” wrote the singer of ‘Boyfriend’.

In addition, the actress also asked the governor of the state of Kentucky to speak in the name of Breonna. In case outside little, she also wants to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Police Department of Louisville after the death of Taylor, a hard shot to shot due to a misunderstanding.

But the struggle of Selena Gomez against xenophobia does not remember just a few victims, but it is dedicated also to introduce some black personalities who are influential leaders. Some of them probably do not know and they have their place and their voice in the profile of Instagram of the important singer.

Your initiative is having very good acceptance and being one of the artists most involved in this struggle, it is as well as has been joined Selena to a long list of celebrities. In this list we include artists such as Demi Lovato, Ben Platt, or Audra McDonald, who have contributed their bit to the cause.