Soul is the new movie from animation studios Pixar

The animation studio that revolutionized the industry, thanks to John Lasseter, Steve Jobs and Edwin Catmull with Toy Story in 1999, returns to the charge with Soul after the failure of Onward, this project arises from the unification of two of their biggest hits at the box office: Inside Out, and Coconut.

After a stage neglected by the release of sequels unnecessary, the audience asked loudly to be able to see new stories Pixar while the study boasted with great enthusiasm that they both longed for in mid-2019, and projects as well a calendar full of news, but to tell the truth, the beginning of 2020 was not what was expected with the first of the releases, Onward (directed by Dan Scanlon), favored a funny plot and novel, never seen before in the universe of Pixar, showing us a story set in a world where elves, trolls, dragons and unicorns live together in harmony; but with the release of the trailer was branded as plagiarism and from various points of view, since the users declared that it was a carbon copy of the anime Full Metal Alchemist (Hiromu Arakawa, 2001), a film starring Will Smith titled Bright (David Yesterday, 2017) or also the classic eighties Weekend at Bernie’s (Ted Kotcheff, 1989).

The finishing touch was the own confinement, punishing the tape with a fall of 73% and making the film less view of the history of Pixar. Therefore, to the house of the mouse was left with no choice other than to move tab and enter it in your catalog streaming Disney+ in order to save it from failure. Although keep in mind that the premiere got good numbers, but did not remain long enough in the listings to be able to be considered an absolute failure. It is for this reason that Pixar you do not want to run the same risk, postponing the premiere of Soul the November 20when I was initially scheduled for the June 19,.

Soul and the successful formula of Pixar Soul and the successful formula of Pixar Soul and the successful formula of Pixar

In terms of Soul, it is not surprising that its plot will remind us of other films, because they return to reuse the formula for success used before, the same employee in Inside Out, movie where he showed us a creative vision of the human mind, and in Coconut, which honors the memory of the deceased loved ones through the mexican culture and their celebration of the Day of the dead. Pete Docter takes up the post of director after Inside Out (2015) and Up (2009), whose soundtrack does not have the traditional participation of Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles or Ratatouille), this time will be Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, responsible for soundtracks such as The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or Gone Girl (David Fincher), and series such as Watchmen (Damon Lindelof).

In Soul, Pixar presents to us Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a music teacher in an institute that has the opportunity of playing in the best jazz club in the city, but for various reasons fate, as he travels the streets of New York to ‘The Great Before’, a magical place where new souls are their personalities before you go to the Earth.

Soul and the successful formula of Pixar

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