The cinemas opened on day 8 and already there’s premieres scheduled Look!


The best news for the lovers of the seventh art: the cinema opens its doors from Monday 8 March. It’s been months of confinement during which the pay television platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO, we have served to take away a bit of the mono film. But nothing is comparable to go to a room and see comfortably in the armchair, in stereo sound and in a screen of 15 x 8.5 metres the film that so many desire you had to enjoy.

The movie theaters open after the isolation by the state of alarm over the crisis of the Coronavirus. Santiago, Zaragoza and Valencia, will be the first step.

The Federation of Exhibitors of Cinema of Spain, that brings to 80% of the rooms, expect all the movie theaters in the country are working for the June 26.

The desescalada allows you to go to the cinema in the territories in phase 2. In the first weeks of June, a good part of the country will continue in phase 1, when can only open the autocines.

What will you do with restrictions, yes:

–Social distance from one seat free between viewers

–limitation of capacity to one-third

-investment in protocols to promote “a circuit with minimal contact, and prioritized cleaning systems, more intense and with more frequency.”

What new releases are arriving?

It will be the June 26, when they arrive the first premieres of the movie listings

Among the films scheduled are:

Personal Assistant (Universal), comedy starring Dakota Johnson

Run like a girl (F&PMedia), with Teresa Palmer and Sam Neill, based on a true story

Divine love (Festival Films), tape, brazilian Gabriel Chew

The tape of Alex (Syldavia Cinema), Spanish film directed by writer and filmmaker Irene Zoe Alameda.

And from the 3rd of July:

Wish list (Against the current), comedy Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo

Tenet of Christopher Nolan

Wonder Woman 1984

Mulan Disney

Sponge Bob

Father there is more than one 2, of Santiago Segura

The wedding of Rose, of Icíar Bollaín.

For July 10:

Under the skin of Jonathan Glazer with Scarlett Johansson