The conversation attributed to Anonymous about aliens in Area 51 is in reality a audio 1997

The group of cyber activists Anonymous has returned to the activity after three years in which I have not had much impact. And they have done so after the death of George Floyd threatening to make public “many of the crimes”, according to defend, the administration of the United States hidden from the world.

In his latest publications have come to threaten Trump reminding him of his alleged connection with the trafficking of minors Epstein and have questioned some of the celebrity deaths like Michael Jackson, Lady Di, Avicii, or Paul Walker.

The last file that has been disseminated through the social networks is a conversation which they attribute to a exempleado of Area 51 talking about the existence of extraterrestrials. However, the reality of this case is that it is a radio call made to a radio program 23 years ago.

The conversation, in which listening to a course exempleado talking about the existence of aliens and speaking of that “soon there will be disasters, and the government does nothing”, has not been spread by Anonymous despite the fact that under this premise is getting viral.

This is the recording that continues to circulate on social networks and that is part of a call made to the program ‘Coast to Coast’ in 1997, presented by Art Bell, and that in his day nurtured the theory conspiranoica surrounding the north American base.

Other publications that are related to Anonymous

The publication’s most outstanding group of online activists after his return to the activity has been ‘The little black book of Jeffrey Epstein’ in the exposed names of people who supposedly attended the festivities organized by the offender is now deceased, and also of people who contributed in their criminal network.

Others include names like Donald Trump, the model Naomi Campbell, the BBC presenter Chris Evans, Mick Jagger or Will Smith. “They killed Jeffrey Epstein to cover up her story of trafficking and rape of children”, added the activists in the tweet in which they responded to the American president.

This warning has not been his only action, but also have hacked the website of the Minneapolis police -a city in which Floyd was killed, as well as the radius of the Chicago Police Department to put the song ‘Fuck the police’.

But Epstein is not the only death that questions Anonymous. The e-activists also have pointed out that Lady Di did not die a victim of an accident but the Home British Royal ordered his death because I had evidence that could incriminate the family in sex trafficking, such as tapes with testimonies that accused prince Charles of rape.

Have also ensured that the musicians Avicii and Kurt Cobain did not commit suicide and the actor Paul Walker not died in a car accident but they were killed for having information on a network of pedophilia and trafficking of children that would have tried to make known. In fact, many users have been assured that Avicii has already tried to warn of what was happening in her music video ‘For A Better Day’.

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