The powerful message of Maluma for the coronavirus


Although most of the artists have been reinvented and have exploited their creativity to cope with the confinement, as many are desperate and eager to resume their lives and careers, such as the case of Maluma, who wants to return to his life of before.

The Colombian singer of “Happy four” published in his account of Instagram a picture quite explicitly and with a text in which he indicates that he wants to return to the stage. The artist, who has already shown in other opportunities to be tired of this situation, he dared to make use of your social network to send a message to the coronavirus, which has obliged to cripple your lifestyle for a time.

Maluma that came a few successful months, with tickets exhausted for their presentations throughout the world, has been affected by having to cancel all dates of their presentations, and despite the fact that it has been able to spend time with his family; the image posted shows the anger that he feels for the quarantine.

Juan Luis Londoño Arias, the controversial interpreter of the “Erased tape”just a few days it was a trend to post a video that generated controversy about his personal hygiene, as it showed the singer in the bathroom, and come out not washed his hands. His most recent publication, in which he expressed his feeling about the current situation that they live because of the confinement, already account with more than 13.100 comments, some in favor and others against; but, without doubt, that the reguetonero knows how to generate controversy.