The stunning fan art of Galactus that heralds your arrival at MCU


This fan art of Galactus anticipates when it will come, in the opinion of some fans, the villain of the MCU.

The Movie universe of Marvel gearing up to take a ride in your stage 4. We still have a few months to see how the movie, Black Widow gives the starting signal, after which the film Scarlett Johansson I had to delay the premiere from may because of the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19). We will also have the presence of tv series Marvel as a Falcon, and the Soldier of Winter, which will go directly to Disney Plus.

One of the desires of the fans of Marvel is soon to see one of the great villains of the comics. We talk about Galactus, the eater of worlds could make their appearance in the future after Marvel regained the rights to the 4 Fantastic and the X-Men.

Fan art of Galactus shows us the villain do in front of some representatives of the Avengers as Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Thor or Spider-Man. Of step, anticipated his arrival on stage 4. Well, rather than anticipate, want.

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However, since Marvel Studios have denied several times the possibility of Galactus arrives at the MCU in phase 4. The conglomerate of Marvel movies is making a transition towards a new era with a spectrum much more galactic, where, as if, you will be able to make their appearance a villain of the caliber of Galactus. In addition, Marvel Studios is leaving the rest of the franchises, Fantastic Four and X-Men, so it is unlikely we will see characters from these franchises in phase 4.

When do you think we will see Galactus in the Movie Universe of Marvel?