Unexpected: Selena Gomez made ms that many anti-racism. Have you seen her Instagram?


Selena Gomez is one of the artists of Hollywood that ms is characterized by the social sensitivity that you have and for how works in the pursuit of it. We already know that she not only facilitates to generate awareness with their songs. What makes it in many ways!

What I was surprised by his fans recently, not only was your reaction face to the fatal fact of abuse of authority by the police of Minnesota but the entrepreneur it was for ms and I announced that for the relative’s das not be she who manage your account of Instagram.

The producer of television I decided that we all need to listen to ms voices of people of color, so we indulged her Instagram several people who work in the association #BlackLivesMatter, with the intention of visibility other stories.

I struggled to decide what was right, what to say to make you see the dems that we are living in a time histrico very important. We all have the obligation of making things better, and we can start by opening our minds and our hearts to listen to others, said celebrity.

So the first action that we saw in the account of the singerwas viewing official Alicia Garza, perhaps many do not conocamos to this woman who is an activist, duea of the podcast Lady Dont Take No and one of the creators of the famous movement #BlackLivesMatter, which became viral and traspas boundaries and break down racism.

Going on to another topic, the creator of the series, 13 Reason Why he was on everyone’s lips after the long-awaited release of the fourth and last season of that novel, where logr portray to the world how adolescents of different problemticas that concerns them, and many times in silence.

With this work based on the best-seller homnimo Jay Asher, the composer musical logr demonstrate how engaged you are with the well-being of the youth, habindose recovered from the years in which he was mired in a reality polmica with the consumption of harmful substances.

It should be recalled that in the first instance, the actress I was going to star in the strip, but it assumed that conoca well to the followers of the author, and that really the book was very overwhelming for her as it is reflected in Hannah Baker, the protagonist, so the role was played by Katherine Langford.