Unicef raises over half a million soles to bring aid to children and adolescents in front of the COVID-19 | Society


The goal that seemed impossible became a “Mission Possible”, thanks to the solidarity of thousands of Peruvians who raised 501,287 new soles in two and a half hours in a program organized by Unicef and transmitted by ATV.

Under the leadership of the Unicef ambassador, actor Marco Zuninonext to Andrea Llosa and Pámela Vértizannounced the figure raised during the campaign “Mission Possible”, which was intended to make visible the impact of the COVID-19 in childhood and adolescence.

YOU CAN SEE Unicef will provide on-line chat to provide guidance to parents on how to care for the children of the COVID-19

In this way, the fund obtained will be used to carry hygiene kits, education, and support socio-emotional to thousands of boys, girls, and adolescents of the indigenous communities and riparian of the Amazon and of the urban and periurban areas of the country.

During the transmission, Gian Marco and Dina Páucaralso ambassadors of Unicef called for the collaboration of the public and performed songs from his repertoire. Also, the singer and actress Isabela Mercy did the same and connected from the United States to make a call to solidarity and to remember your visit to the communities of the region Loreto.

The sport has also joined this charity campaign, as the coach of the national team of football, Ricardo Garecaand the players Cristian Benavente, Raúl Ruidíaz, Edison Flores, Aldo Corzo, Diego Penny and Oscar Ibáñez they asked, as well as them, the public is to do this with your contributions. In addition, from abroad, Diego Forlan and Sergio Ramos, players, and ambassadors of Unicef made an appeal for collaboration.

The Mexican actress Bibi Gaytán the Spanish singer Pablo Alboránthe musician and producer Tonny Succarthe actor Andrew Wiese, Denisse Dibós, Carlos Alcantara, Nathaniel Sanchez, Magdyel Ugaz, and Mayra Couto were other artists who supported the fundraising.

The actress Millie Bobby Brown joined to this campaign, and appeared in the transmission from one of the warehouses of Unicef in the United States, to teach the public how everything works the procedure so that the aid reaches those who really need it.

The program showed how they made purchases of supplies for the hygiene kits, as they were making the donations. Also, it taught me the route that was followed from the time the products were withdrawn from warehouses, traveled by land until Pucallpa, and from there in a boat to the communities.

Across the road was how to respect carefully the security protocols so that the inputs reach up to the beneficiaries themselves. It should be noted that this is a practice that Unicef is doing in all parts of the world.

In the meantime, Pio Rossel, general manager of Diners Club, and Hugo Chang, country manager of Nokia Peru, joined the campaign and asked other companies to join the aid for childhood and adolescence, most disadvantaged sectors of the country, in these times of pandemic.

It is worth remembering that donations are still open and the public will be able to continue to reach more households Amazon and of the urban and periurban areas of the country. The public will be able to collaborate through the web page Unicef.