While hundreds of colombians are caught in Brazil, Maluma leave to go to Miami


Outrage has caused the permission given to the foreign ministry to the reggetonero and is still preventing the entry to the nationals, in a site as complicated as Brazil

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While hundreds of colombians are caught in Brazil, Maluma leave to go to Miami

Brazil is the second country in the world with infected people. There they are, begging to be let into the country. Nothing more in a city like Manaus, there are 200 thousand people infected, 10% of the population. The security measures and the same policy of Bolsonaro have prevented to take seriously the virus.

These people are pleading with the government Duke that let you enter the country, deny the entry but to Maluma, the ” Pretty Boy, if you let it travel wherever you want. Of course, as he is the firm representative of the culture in the times of Duke, as it is in these times uribistas our Gabo, the artist showing internationally, the national pride, because to him if allow you to travel.

No one’s going to pick up our fellow countrymen stranded in Brazil, a focus of contagion of the world, but Maluma if what allows you to travel, without any greater urgency, just for being who he is. Clear that causes rage and indignation. A question, how many private flights will be performing here, private flights? Clear as in Miami there is no confinement as he takes advantage and is going to have a good time well away from his home in Medellín.

Is that in Colombia the only ones that we can not travel we are the poor, of rest, if you have a private jet, the sky is open for you? Maluma has a crown as all those who have power. And at this time no one will rescue our poor countrymen trapped in Brazil. They don’t have a private jet. Will travel from Rionegro to the United States. You don’t need to be a great artist, just be cute and have a private jet.