Why Justin Bieber did not appear in the music video for ‘Sorry’


“Sorry” is one of the most popular songs of Justin Bieber. Your video could be your video’s most iconic to date. Oddly enough, never appears in the video.

Instead, the video presents a group of dancers dressed in colors that perform routines memorable. When the video was first released, some fans were surprised by the absence of Bieber. Is there any reason why Bieber never appeared in the video? How the original idea for the video involving Bieber?

The choreographer behind the video of “sorry” by Justin Bieber

The video for “Sorry” was choreographed by Parris Goebel. According to Cosmopolitan, she was asked to create something fun and colorful. Mission accomplished! Other choreographers may have felt intimidated by the project due to the fame of Bieber, but Goebel had a great time with him.

Goebel told Elle that she was “excited to accept the challenge. Filmed and coreografiamos everything in two days. I just thought that was an opportunity really great and I went for it. I love to have fun during the projects that I am given, so we have a lot of fun creating it. It was fun, not think too much about the opportunity or to dwell too much on the fact that it was Justin Bieber “.

“I’m sorry” by Justin Bieber

In addition to choreographing the video, Goebel had a great influence in their locker room. “[A] much [the outfits in the video are] only my closet were All in panic because many of the girls did not have things from the 90’s or things colorful, and we had already established that topic. Many of the girls were like, ‘Ahhh! I don’t have anything. “ So, literally, I packed two huge suitcases of my clothes and I took him to the shooting and said you wear this, you wear it, you wear it and that was all.”

What Parris Goebel thought of the video and why Justin Bieber wasn’t in it

Goebel told Rolling Stone that the process of creating the video was very spontaneous. Goebel said that she and her group of dancers tried different styles of dance, and continued to the current. Had great fun during the filming of the video, which he described as “very relaxed”.

Surprisingly, the video of Goebel for “Sorry” was not the original intention of be the video of the song. Instead, it was intended to be a simple video lyric without the own Bieber. However, the management of Bieber decided that a video without Beiber of Goebel was so good that it should serve as the main video of the song. That is a great testimony of the strength of the choreography and the fashion sense of Goebel.

The video became a huge internet sensation. Goebel was happy when the video came out well on-line. Liked people that are not involved in the professional dance appreciate your work. All in all, Goebel is in large part responsible for one of the videos most memorable of the decade of 2010.