Amanda Miguel hits the 2nd show with the highest score


The best retro style started the second show I Call Me. On this occasion, even more, difficult it would be for the jury to choose the next five participants because expectations were very high.

First out on stage was a favorite of many, Juan Gabriel, leaving to the jury such open, no doubt felt the Divo of Juárez in the scenario of the dreams.


If you started tonight, that will grip the entire world.

On A Related Note

Amanda Miguel – “The Lied To Me”

Said Ingrid De YCaza with the interpretation of Juan Gabriel “hasta que Te Conocí”.

Followed by that spectacular interpretation, it was Olga Tañon continue to fill the expectations of the jury, however, recommended that is to believe more, the woman of fire, all of this, despite the fact that considered that he did very well.

The women continued with” he Lies” we were surprised by Amanda Miguel, sticking out to the jury One Two a large print of it.


Bravo! This is what we need here.

Some did not fare as well, as in the case of Maluma nerves earned him, doing a presentation unconvincing.

But the night was to follow and the time came to put the sauce to the program, so it is, Victor Manuelle with security inexhaustible stepped on the stage of dreams to leave the other poquititos.

Almost coming to the end, the Roockie came out with the right foot when interpreting “Seems Sincere”, convincing the majority of the jurors.

To finish the evening, came the star dish of the night, The Lupe, who made it clear that he came to be strong competition for all.

To the surprise of many, Amanda Miguel manages to be the best of the night with one of the highest scores in the history of my Name is Panama and had to say goodbye to the program were The Roockie and Maluma.

There are now 10 artists and it gets better every time, next Tuesday, Who do you think will be eliminated?