Arturo Barrientos launches song to create awareness about the COVID-19


Arturo Barrientos called to his son Paul B and his band VERTTIGO to make a musical adaptation of the subject and titularla “BYPLEASE”.

Arturo Barrientos, the well-known music producer and an Emmy winner who has worked with Shakira, Alejandra Guzman, Luis Fonsi, Grupo Niche, and Vico C among others, has just presented his new musical production, “Please.”

Inspired by his own song, icon of Spanish rock “For Your Love”, which was popularized in the late 80’s for their group SELF-control; Arturo Barrientos called to his son Paul B and his band VERTTIGO to make a musical adaptation of the subject and titularla “BYPLEASE”.

The aim of adapting lyrics of the song is to generate awareness in the public which does not comply with the orders of social isolation decreed by the government to mitigate the expansion of the corona virus.

In the middle of the quarantine, Arthur and his son Paul came to record the video of the song in his recording studio in New Jersey where they make a great waste of energy, passion and attitude to express the message of the theme.

To help establish the message Arthur had the participation of your sobrinita Target Huaringa Paico San Pedro de Huancayre Huarochirí Lima; his sobrinito Miguelito Tapia, son of the late musician rocker Miguel Tapia (RIP), the abuelita Maria Magdalena Sosa and his own father, Alfredo Barrientos, who with his 95 years, makes an excellent recommendation at the end of the song. The song will be available on all digital platforms as Spotify,iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and many more.

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