Best psychological video games ever


Computer games are known to be pleasurable and stress-busting activities. They are the new form of entertainment and some games have even proved that this is a new art form. There may be some who are addicted to computer games leading to severe neurological problems as well as mood swings which is why moderation is key.

For some people, gaming is the same as gambling and they spend a lot of time on online casinos. While this may not be a bad thing and many people do end up making money and also unwinding at the same time, this can also be double addictive because gambling is known to be highly addictive. There are ways to exclude oneself from this though and information about this can be obtained online. But if you really want to test your brain and delve into psychologically challenging situations, then maybe you should try playing some of these games.


SOMA is one of the greatest survival horror games of all time. You are in an underwater research facility sometime in the future. You are all alone in a world where even machines are showing some kind of human consciousness. You need to figure out where you are and what your purpose is by solving puzzles and progressing through the game.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia is a superb first-person survival game which will give you the shivers when you play it. As the protagonist, it’s 1839 and you have just woken up in Brennenburg Castle. You need to work your way around while solving puzzles and manipulating objects and machinery. But you have to be careful because strange monsters lurk in the darkness and there is no way you can kill them. You have to run and hide. But hiding in dark corners can make you lose your sanity. This game can keep you on the edge more than a great game of teen patti although you could play teen patti for real money.

Doki Doki Literature Club

This game comes across as a breezy visual novel with a very basic level of interactivity. The graphics are two dimensional and the story is about a student who joins the school literature club. The story begins as a dream but things soon take a dark turn. This game is available for free so maybe it’s best if you play it instead of us revealing the plot. We should mention though that it does have a suicide theme which even the BBC has warned about.

The War is Mine

The War is Mine is a war game with a twist. Unlike others, you are not fighting a war. You are trying to survive it. While the guns and tanks are crackling outside, you have to control a bunch of war survivors in a torn down house. They need to eat, stay warm and scavenge around for food in the dead of the night. Sometimes you have to make moral decisions. Would you steal from an old couple to feed your inmates? Would you share your limited supplies with a stranger? Life is a series of choices and this game questions all the choices you make.

If you have a computer with a good graphics card, then you could also check out Alan Wake, Layers of Fear and Lucius. Wear a good pair of headphones for added effect.