Christian Nodal plans to release a song in Spanish with Selena Gomez | Music


The singer of regional Mexican wants to unite his voice with that of the pop star

Have you ever imagined to listen to Christian Nodal sing with Selena Gomez? Well, that possibility could become a reality due to the interpreter given to know that she has been talking with her and her team to perform a musical collaboration.

The artist of the regional Mexican spoke with Billboard through an Instagram Live on their upcoming plans, which could involve a subject in Spanish with the American. However, until now it has not been finalized a date for this to happen, but it is something that has the look and that would mean a featuring very unique.

“We’re talking about with Selena Gomez for something in Spanish.

Drake Bell I also wrote on Instagram. It was very cool because it reminded me of my childhood,” confessed the artist on the thread that revealed some of the things that could happen next in his career. The main character of Drake & Josh has shown that he is a fan of the music and Mexican culture, which has recently requested that you recommend with what artist record.

“At some point, I hope to do something with Chris Brown or Post Malone”, he added, to show his ambition, which means that their songs could reach out to different genres and ears, including fans of pop who have embraced the music of the girl ex



Currently, Christian Nodal is promoting the first part of his third studio album, “AyAyAy!”. The singer will launch the second half in September and, in addition to their plans to convince Selena Gomezconfirmed that soon will release a theme with Danna Paola.