Ellen Pompeo by the “Black Lives Matter”: presented to the Los Angeles police


The actress Ellen Pompeo recognized for his performance in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”, is stripped of his clothing as a celebrity and joined the protests in Los Angeles in the United States. He lifted up his voice against the racism, and the death of George Floyd, of 46 years, in Minneapolis after being suffocated by the officer Derek Chauvin. However, it took their social networks to confirm that they observed detail at the manifestations of that city and did not hesitate to share it.

Pompeo, who impersonated “Meredith Grey”, did an Instagram Stories from the concentration to explain an atypical situation: “I’ve gone to many demonstrations. But I had never seen the police carrying automatic weapons. We are now in a place by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and we are here to put on record that, in fact, matter. But we have in front of assault and automatic weapons huge”.

In both, the interpreter 50 years also used his profile on Twitter to record another video and leaving evidence of what was happening in the streets of Los Angeles, California. Although it is appropriate to mention that during the demonstration there was no incident or other event that you regret. “The police presence is massive. They are everywhere: on rooftops, in cars, on tanks… And honestly, I had never seen such a display of force before. And much less in the street in the full light of day”.

Ellen Pompeo is not kept quiet

In another statement on their official social networks, Ellen Pompeo it was also questioned why the police authorities do these practices: “seriously, I’ve never seen so much ammo in any other manifestation. So now I wonder what it will be. Why in the manifestation feminist were not weapons? Why in the Pride LGBTI either. And why in the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ yes, they are everywhere. I don’t know”.

But Ellen is not the only addition to this movement against the racism, the discrimination, and the excess of police officers. This week has been full of messages sharp against the system of the United States. From Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Gigi Hadid, David Guetta, Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi and even Madonna joined their voices to give a stop to these deplorable news that affects the african American population.