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How can we forget the perfume noventero of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Is it possible to split the culture, rap the fine print of a young Will Smith escaping from the sidelines and knowing a good life? How much had to see this character in the the democratization of hip-hop culture? How can we deny its importance when his series went from the short basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar up the Boyz II Men?


Falls shitpostting fumón and gangsta certified Bart as an icon rapper. At the margin, their line of renegade vandalism always approached the culture. In addition, go on a skate and paint graffiti two of the four elements of hip hop according to KRS One. And in the episode, Pranksta Rap threw in a few bars on the stage, and he received the endorsement of 50 Cent. And if that weren’t enough, ever danced and recorded with MC Hammer.


Engine Atlanta, gem directed by and starring Danny Glover, Paper Boi jibariza the idea of the rapper cool-chill-smoke-porro and returns a drama that seems to slice of life but it is another thing. And is the interpreter in the fiction of Paper Boithe great song self-titled that transcends the very nature of the series. For the case, the instant hit of Childish Gambino wins power in the flesh of Brian Tyree Henry crack contemporary.


When the culture Americans had found their glass ceiling, Eminem embodied the idea of a superstar that transcends genres. And the ultimate example is B-Rabbitthe working-class hero he played in 8 Miles fiction that sparked the fire of hundreds of young people that would, later on, become freestylers. B-Rabbit left school, thanks to his unforgettable final battle against the obnoxious Papa Doc.


A real-life character with the jump to the tv: MC of Public Enemy took a step frivolous and burned by the TV Yankee with the reality The Surreal Life. Put of boyfriend with actress Brigitte Nielsen in full show, and returned to be displayed together in Strange Love another reality. And to culminate his stamp of reality tv, starred in four seasons Flavor of Love, show mersa in the sought partner.