Gigi Hadid is fed up of police excess and confide in Instagram


The flagship model Gigi Hadid he used his social networks this week to talk about a delicate subject which shakes the world: the police abuse in the united States. This then confirmation that George Floyd died at the hands of Derek Chauvin, an agent in Minneapolis last may 25 after being suffocated. Since then is activated in the streets the movement “Black Lives Matter” to demand justice in the case of the citizen of 46 years.

On the other hand, celebrities like Gigi, 25 years old, still at the foot of the canyon in these manifestations that are formed as a call for the official spokespersons to address and change the police laws, as well as the introduction of a new system in this nation that ensures the rights and duties of the population, afroamericanto. For this reason, the blonde was expressed on Instagram about this problem.

Also, he wrote in his account of Instagram the following message: “You would think that every 8 policies have already been adopted by every Police Department in America. That is not the case. If this is so, the implementation of these 8 policies on the use of force could, in the aggregate, reduce the police violence resulting in death in a 72%!” mused the american, who has several months of pregnancy. In addition, other celebrities such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Rihanna have raised their voice for this initiative.

Gigi Hadid calls for justice

In another fragment, the wife of Zayn Malik said: I Want to start off by saying the activists who lead @campaignzero UNDERSTAND the importance of shelling out to the police. In an incredible group lesson the other day with @iamderay, began the conversation by explaining that the ultimate goal is to reduce the power of the police and reduce the role of the police.” This generated a reaction from their followers who are divided between support or challenge their proposals.

Finally, Gigi Hadid remarked: “Meanwhile, the IMPORTANCE of the Campaign # 8CantWait it is to IMMEDIATELY reduce the power of the police, made possible by the fact that we have the power to bring Mayors to implement these policies TODAY. Right now. Don’t need executive orders or legislative measures! ⁣”