I told him everything! Angelina Jolie revealed what was the hardest thing when it ended with Brad Pitt


In 2016 was made public, the separation of one of the couples more consolidated Hollywood, formed by the actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The break-up, after a decade together and six children together, were harsh accusations by media. Some have spoken since then, but now the interpreter American has surprised with a rash statements about how bad I was in the last years of her marriage with the heartthrob eternal Hollywood.

In a recent interview with Le Figaro, Jolie offered some details about the end of their love story. “It was a complicated time, did not recognize what I had become, it was smaller, as insignificant,” confessed the actress of 45 years. “I felt a sorrow deep and true, I was hurt”.

However, Jolie rescues something good out of all of this and described that moment as a point “interesting to reconnect with this humility and even that insignificance that I felt”. In the end, this is perhaps the most human,” he said.

The actress said that he struggled after the break was herself and recover from some health problems. “All of these things sit on you and remind you of how lucky you are to be alive. I am more resilient than before, but it is still a difficult time. I have to rediscover the joy” be honest.

For her, the role of mother is above all and is committed fully to raising their six children. “In the morning, I wake up mom. Today, tomorrow, again and forever because once you become a parent you belong to other beings, don’t belong to it completely. All of my life and my choices affect the lives of my children. Their needs and priorities are my priority, and I am very attentive to anything which might influence or impair them”.

When asked about his life in Los Angeles, the actress made it clear that he resides there for his ex: “I’m Not really attached to this city. I would prefer to travel more often, but today is not compatible with the work of Brad. I cooperate”.

About the intention to devote himself full time to the address, Jolie commented: “That was my intent at that time, but with the separation, I had to reevaluate my choices: I find it necessary to be present with my kids and not be absent continuously,”, he said. “Now is not a good time to get involved in long-term projects. In a certain way, to be an actress turns out to be more simple today, because it is an activity that took me less time.”

“Playa character strong as the evil queen Maleficent is a form of therapy. Play a character powerful can really help you reconstruct when you don’t feel as good as possible” added the interpreter.

In terms of the current moment, the Oscar winner mused: “I always look for the freedom, and if at times I may seem daring, it is because you really don’t, I choose the prudence or the moderation. I have a house in the depths of the jungle, and I’ve never refused to go to the territory in conflict. Work at the UN. I strive to live experiences that I consider necessary for my build as a human being. I force myself to do things that bully me and sometimes scare me”.