Johnny Depp will return as Jack Sparrow: Disney wants to turn their charismatic captain



The iconic actor, Johnny Depp resurfaced in Hollywood after the huge controversy caused by his divorce with Amber Heard, and despite all the scandal that this has caused within the art world, both Amber as Johnny continues on the scene.

Johnny Depp will return as Jack Sparrow: Disney wants to turn their charismatic captain(INSTAGRAM)
Johnny Depp will return as Jack Sparrow: Disney wants to turn their charismatic captain | INSTAGRAM

And while we resolve the situation in the role of Amber as Mera in Aquaman 2, Depp enjoys the resounding success of“Minamata”, a new movie court drama and history about the second world war in a small town in Japan.

For his part, everything seems to indicate that Disney is in previous talks with the famed actor to return as one of its most iconic characters: the endearing, confused and charismatic Captain Jack Sparrow.

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And is that, according to an exclusive report about media in the u.s., the sixth installment of the successful series of pirates is a fact and will be focused in the way of the spin-off in the life of the eccentric pirate, focusing on their years of youth, as well as his early days as a mercenary of the 7 seas.

However, this report indicates that Johnny would not be this time the central figure in the whole movie, in reality, it would only be a couple of stage appearances since in this case it will be Zac Efron, who will play Jack Sparrow, clearly younger.

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This is because the plot is intended to focus in retrospect, something like that Depp, in his role as usual, would tell their stories to a listener anonymous on as it was that went on to become the most well-known captain of the Black Pearl.

It is here where you give the introduction to the also beloved by women, the handsome actor Zac Efron, to give you a renewed version of the famous franchise film, which, to be honest, many misses.

In addition, the drama and the action in this film are more than confirmed for, know to be Craig Mazin, who will perform the script of the long-awaited delivery, one of the most emblematic of this eminence in the script is the series “Chernobyl” so that we can have a slight idea of how it will be.

It is clear that there are high expectations for the movie after knowing these data, we are left to wait for the premiere of the film in order to enjoy.



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