Justin Bieber said that his music and style is inspired by the African-American culture

The singer Justin Bieber showed his anger after the death of George Gloyd at the hands of a police officer. Like other artists, Bieber joined the movement Black Lives Matter, which regained strength in various parts of the world.

Through their social networks, the Canadian pointed out that it is a recipient of the African-American culture. I am inspired by black culture”, admitted in their networks. “My style, how holy, I dance, I do my shows, and my fashion has been influenced and inspired by black culture” added.

It is so that the pop artist is committed to using its digital platforms to end racism by using small data that you are unaware of the African-American culture in the United States. “From this day forward I will use my platform to learn, to talk about racial injustice and systematic oppression, and identify ways to be part of a very necessary change” added.

It is so today, went up the photograph in tribute to Tupac Shakur, a rapper, actor, dancer, poet, and activist, American. His controversial life ended in a shootout in Las Vegas in 1996 and from that moment became a legend in the North American country

Several weeks ago, the performer of “Yummy” has called on its followers to join the cause and know that it is not enough not to be racist, but to join the activism to end racism and violence in the country where you reside.