The beautiful mansion in The Hamptons that Rihanna wants to pay almost 19 million dollars


Rihanna has been very busy the last two years of his life increasing every day, ms of their new business related to your brand “Fenty”, which impacts significantly on your fortune.

The barbadense you already have a lot of time residencia in London, in part, by everything that your company is concerned with; however, the newspaper “New York Post” sure cul will be the new place where I would like to spend this summer.

The singer was in love with a luxury property located on the east coast us, specifically in the prestigious area called The Hamptons. Even, we gust so much that in the first place wanted to rent it to test how is life ah, then access to buy them for an amazing amount.

The same means reported by ms that Riri offer to rent the property throughout the summer, unfortunately, a millionaire is beyond and page 800 thousand dollars for rent it, what you have generated in it an ms interest in buying it.

The house by the entrepreneur est willing to pay about 18.5 billion dollars account with a plot of land of about 400 square feet, a two-story structure, with private access to the beach. Moreover, it has four bedrooms and as many baths.

If the pop star gets to acquire this mansion with a view of the sea to be the neighbor of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonc, Bill Clinton, among others. Without a doubt, a show of investment.

What’s certain is that money will not har lack to pay for what they finally asked for this majestic home, as the interpreter of “Work” he was ranked as the third-person ms rich of the United Kingdom according to a list published by “The Sunday Times”.

The millionaire sum of money that has been reached has the due of “Fenty” round in the 574 million dollars, this product of the rules of his musical career, and the profits of your company of cosmetics and clothing.