The EU attaches to Russia and China campaigns of misinformation about the pandemic


The European Commission accuses Russia and China of conducting disinformation campaigns on the occasion of the pandemic coronavirus in the European Union (EU) to try to “undermine democratic debate,” and called on Tuesday for more money for this fight.

“Some third countries, in particular Russia and China, embarked on (…) disinformation campaigns on the COVID-19 in the EU and in the world, to undermine the democratic debate, exacerbating the polarization of society and improve its own image,” says a document was seen by AFP.

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, and the vice-president of the Commission in charge of Securities and Transparency, Vera Jourova, must be submitted the Wednesday this document that seeks to fight against the misinformation linked to the pandemic.

In April, the working group on misinformation of the EU has already warned against “a momentum of coordinated” official sources Chinese to divert the blame for the pandemic, originated in China.

The coronavirus has fueled an information war geopolitics in which the West accused Beijing and Moscow of promoting narratives that are false or misleading about the pandemic.

Borrell, who held this Tuesday, a videoconference meeting with the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, called on the countries of the bloc, which traded today the future multiannual EU budget, more money to fight against the misinformation.

“Of course we need more resources”, he said at a press conference the head of European diplomacy, advocating by presenting a “narrative” positive, in addition to fighting against the false news.

The document the Commission also believes that social media platforms must do more in its efforts to promote accurate information about the virus and limit the content false or misleading.

“The researchers and the organizations of the civil society have a crucial role to play, but the platforms they have not been given enough power during the current public health crisis,” reads the document.