The player in norway’s Ada Hegerberg signed the largest sponsorship agreement of a footballer european


“If it is important for you, then thou shalt make the effort.” He was warned Stein Erik Hegerberg and Gerd Stolsmo their children Silas, Andrine and Ada in infancy. It was his way of educating them in the culture of sacrifice. Never took them to a soccer training: or riding a bike or did running. Also the return home. Both Stein Erik Hegerberg as Gerd Stolsmo had played and coached professional football teams in Norway. His eldest son, Silas, 34 years old, there came to be a professional, while Andrine, 27, played in Rome after passing through PSG. The story with their youngest daughter, Ada, 24, is different. His life, like his family, was destined for the football. What they didn’t know the Hegerberg is that

Ada would break all the rules in football. Became the first player to lift the Golden Ball, in 2018, and has just signed a millionaire contract with Nike, a record for a footballer in Europe: 1.3 million euros per year.

Among the 15 athletes that more money entered in 2019, according to the Forbes magazine figure a single player: Alex Morgan (5,13 million euros per year). The list leads the American Serena Williams (26 million) and the only Spanish Garbiñe Muguruza, located in position 10 and with annual revenue of 5,22 million. The salary of Alex Morgan, however, is made up primarily of advertising contracts. 4.3% of his income corresponds to his salary as a football player. Messi, for example, the athlete who most money generated in 2019, 118 million euros, amounted to 73% of their payroll as a Barcelona player. “The players American you can compare in income to a male gamer. And the majority of their income is the sponsors”, explains the Spanish Vero Boquete, player of the Utah Royals FC.

In 2018, Hegerberg, was the winner of the golden Ball
In 2018, Hegerberg was the winner of the Golden Ball Source: File

The contract of 1.3 million euros annual signature Ada Hegerberg with Nike situated at the level of a footballer male international.

According to a report in Forbes, Kylian Mbappé, a player franchise of PSG and world champion with France in 2018, earns about four million dollars a year. And the English Raheem Sterling, a figure Manchester City, earns about two million a year from their sports brand. After leaving PUMA,

the front norway Olympique Lyon adds to a roster of global ambassadors of Nike as LeBron James, Naomi Osaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams and Neymar.

Alex Morgan, player american, is the only footballer that 15 athletes women with more money in 2019
Alex Morgan, player American, is the only footballer that 15 athletes women with more money in 2019 Credit: Instagram Morgan

“It is a contract of historical, and an authentic commitment, with the Ada and with the women’s football,” explained Victor Bernard, representative of the footballer in Norway. The contract has a duration of 10 years, that is to say, that will expire when the maximum scorer of the history of the Champions League (51 goals) has 34 years. “It’s another great step in my career. Nike and I have common goals to help grow the sport of female. My actions brought me here, and I want to continue making history at the hands of Nike, inside and outside the field. I am delighted to be a part of this team”, said Hegerberg. Norway already had the salary most important in Europe, nearly 450,000 euros (the highest wage in Barcelona is close to 250,000), and now has become the footballer is Europe’s most money goes for a sponsorship with a sports brand.

The best of Nike by Hegerberg is part of the idea of the American company to position itself in the women’s football European.

Are already consolidated in the United States with players like Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe and were looking for a European, none more famous Hegerberg, just the great absentee in the last World cup 2019, which marked the take-off in the media for women’s football. The selection of Norway, world champion in 1995, was without their biggest star, which was the same treatment as men in terms of media and infrastructure. “Football is the biggest sport in Norway for girls and has been for years, but the girls do not have the same opportunities that the boys”, said Hegerberg on his refusal to travel to France. Norway challenged its federation by the equality between the men’s soccer and women’s and now defies the rules of marketing to establish itself as one of the athletes best paid in the world.