The worst album of Miley Cyrus was a year of having been premiered on Netflix


Although many recognize Miley Cyrus by their music and their bold attitudes, their career in the industry is a lot more than that, and for proof are the times in which he has shown his talent for acting.

The 5 of June of 2019, was premiered the fifth season of the Netflix series “Black Mirror”, and the first episode was starred in anything ms and no less than Miley, which generate high expectations in the audience, however, things did not go as she would have wanted.

The actress he gave life to a renowned singer named Ashley Or, which had to face a strong usurpacin of the identity. The plot of the chapter was compared by their fanticos on Twitter with the life that could have taken her while she was “Hannah Montana” for Disney.

What is certain is that the episode where the Cyrus participation became the worst reviews I got for the entire season, and in addition to this, this new installment of the series he was ranked as the worst of all, receiving a 64% approval, being a this a table of contents very low.

Another news that has surprised not only the followers of the former girl Disney but also to the public of “Black Mirror”, is that the series was “canceled” after its fifth season. Charlie Brooke, the creator of the stories, ” explained in “Radio Times” the reason for which I decided not to follow hacienda, and it has to do with the current reality on the planet:

“I’ve been busy doing other things (). For the moment, no s qu stomach there will be for stories about societies that are falling apart, as I’m not working on one of those”.

Although this was not the project ms successful the interpreter of “Malibu” her work in the film “The last song” it was possible to win the heart of thousands of people, especially, because ah was where I met her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. Fans of the couple felt very sad when the ao last met, less than a year of marriage, they decided to put an end to her love affair with the divorce. The Australian spoke recently with the magazine “Men’s Health” about how complicated that was his marriage:

“For a long period of time, it was very stressful and I really atrap… Look, there are times when you want to attack and say something because, from my point of view, most of the times the things that are written about me are completely false”.