Wolverine would lead to the MCU during Black Panther 2


From that Disney, it is made of a good part of the catalog of entertainment which before belonged to FOX all the fans of Marvel want X-Men, Fantastic Four, and other characters to join in the MCU. Kevin Present, the boss of the Marvel Studios, he said that there is still a lot, however, maybe the wait is not so long, especially because we could see Wolverine in Black Panther 2.

As discussed previously, you still need to have the mutants within the MCUhowever, it seems that you already found the idea to introduce Wolverine in Marvel Studios. The plan would revolve around the film Black Panther 2, where the very Logan he would know Shuri, younger sister of T Challa.

According to the information available at this time, Logan it would end up in Wakanda while investigating something about the adamantium. Remember that in the land of Black Panther is an important source of vibranium one of the metals most strong in the world within the universe of the MCU.

The participation of Wolverine in the movie Black Panther 2 it would work as a bridge to introduce you to one of the X-Men most famous and, from there, go to building the new franchise of mutants.

Marvel Studios still does not confirm a movie of the X-Men

Kevin Present the producer of Marvel Studios stated that the films X-Men and the Fantastic Four would soon arrive. Now, to introduce the mutant involves certain processes, and you probably already plans are underway to present in any way, a character like Wolverine.

On the other hand, Black Panther 2 still in pre-production and will feature the participation of Chadwick Boseman as T Challa, Letitia Wright as Shuri, Danai Gurira as Okoye and Martin Freeman as Everet Ross.

If all goes well, this film should be released on the 6th of May of 2022, however, we must expect that the world will achieve to overcome the pandemic that has stopped to the entertainment industry.

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