How Do Coin Sellers Get Their Coins?


Are you looking to buy FIFA coins and wonder how coin sellers get their coins? There are many different ways to generate FUT coins in the FIFA game series. The pay-to-win FUT mode depends on exclusive coins and points, used to upgrade players and fortify squads for top-level competition. Besides, you can exchange your accumulated coins for real cash profits. The most reliable way to get FIFA coins is through constant participation in squad building challenges and battle. You can also do trade-in exchanges and attend coin shows to boost your coin reserves. However, it is important to stick to EA approved dealers to prevent illegitimate FIFA coins. Here are some of the methods coin sellers deploy to acquire coins:

  1. Walk-in traders

This is the most prevalent method FUT coin sellers employ to get coins. Players with significant amounts of FUT coins that they intend to dispose of can trade the coins to sellers for real cash. Afterward, the FUT coin sellers sum the bulk coins and vend them at higher prices to other players that need them. Most FUT coin traders utilize this method to ensure coin reserves house a good stock, which they later sell to players in exchange for real cash. FUT coins are crucial in successfully building squads that can compete in the FUT mode, so naturally, there is high demand.

  1. Squad building and battles

FUT players selling coins online can boost coin reserves by participating in squad building challenges. Successful completion of the challenges results in coin rewards that players can then use to earn cash. The prizes may vary depending on the challenge level. This is a surefire way of garnering FUT coins since the challenges are always available. Squad battles also offer a convenient technique of generating exclusive legitimate FUT points and coins. By playing against tough opponents, you get a multiplier that increases coin and point rewards significantly.

  1. Coin auctions

Many sellers still use this conventional method to buy FIFA coins. By attending and bidding FUT coin in auctions, you can garner significant coins at a lower price and sell later at a profit. A player with bulk coins can put them up for sale in any coin auction platform with bidders, who show their interest by placing real money bids. The highest bidder takes the FUT coins home, but you can still make a decent profit from auctioned FUT coins, as they are often sold at a cheaper prize.

  1. Coin collection sellers

Collectors and large coin dealers, such as this website, buy and sell FUT coins in bulky collections and estates. If you are a coin seller, you can get your stash by purchasing these bulky coins, which often come at a cheaper prize, considering the FIFA coin value keeps going up. You can also find coin lots at shows and online auctions run by the collection agencies. If you plan to start selling coins, this option offers an easy way to purchase large amounts for your buyers. However, it is advisable to choose dealers who trade legitimate FUT coins in line with EA’s guidelines, to avoid penalties on your account. This should be easy, considering there are numerous trustworthy coin traders online.

  1. Trading item cards and packs

Player cards in FIFA 18 to 20 have varying prices during different periods. Their values change and it is not surprising to find cheap cards that will increase in value with time. Sellers can stock their cheap tickets and wait until they are rare or highly-priced to sell for FUT coins. In FIFA Ultimate Team mode, almost all purchases are completed using FUT coins. This includes trading new players, purchasing packs and item cards.

  1. Weekly and daily challenges

By going to the game menu and completing daily challenges, you have a chance to earn a surplus of FIFA coins. Although not as lucrative as SBCs and battles, weekly and daily challenges offer another surefire way sellers use to accumulate FUT coins. In the FIFA game series, players have access to numerous daily and weekly challenges, which, if completed, provide coin rewards. You can earn enough coins to start a coin selling business if you take part in these challenges more frequently. In this case, you can find daily and weekly challenges that offer handsome rewards when completed.


There are many other ways FUT coin sellers use to get a hold of coins, including using generators. However, some methods are illegal and result in illegitimate coins that may get your FIFA account flagged and penalized by EA. As such, it is essential to ensure you purchase coins from credible, trusted sellers authorized by EA. This is crucial, especially if you want to become a seller. Make sure you read through all the EA guidelines to avoid being the culprit to scam FIFA coin offers.