It unexpected! Demi Lovato may be planning your walk to the altar

Many knew that the singer Demi Lovato was head-over-heels in love with her boyfriend Max Ehrich, but no one expected the statements that were leaked Thursday afternoon. It seems that the same confinement mandatory that ended up with many relationships, it has strengthened the engagement of the exartista Disney, and the only thing that stops it is the healthcare crisis. The same case that Jennifer Lopez with their marriage on pause.

According to the information that it transpired, a source close to the celebrity said “they have been talking about committing. To the family of Demi really like him. Max probably will propose marriage within the next few months, but when you finish the quarantine“. The assertion that could make a lot of sense, because when you come to the castle of the mouse, it would be very logical to want a marriage to princess style.

¡Demi Lovato knows everything!

The news is a surprise only to her fans and closest friends because Demi Lovato already knows it all and is eager to see the iconic moment. “Demi is aware of everything, including her boyfriend wants to propose marriage, and is very excited by this, “ said the source. And it seems that the ring was already chosen and subsequently purchased, in a nutshell, it is a matter of days.

In addition to this, people close to the singer said “they Are really excited about your relationship and enjoy living together during the quarantine period, and watching where things are going. They are a very positive impact in each one, that goes beyond sobriety”. It should be noted that since some months ago, it became known that the life of the actress has taken a turn and is very healthy.

In terms of Max Ehrich is an actor, dancer, and American singer, born in New Jersey. Best known for playing “Adam” in the tv series “iCarly” and “Jesse Moretti” in “The Pregnancy Pact”. Whose presentations earned him two nominations for the Best Young Artist and one to the Award Daytime Emmy. The first and last time that the love of Demi Lovato was seen without taboo, it was in the single of Ariana Grande with Justin Bieber “Stuck with you”.