Justin Bieber has revealed how he will fight against racism after the death of George Floyd


The death of George Floyd generated a wave of protests against racism that began in the United States and was replicated in different cities of the world. And which featured all kinds of celebrities, as Justin Bieber who joined the movement, Black Lives Matter.

The Canadian singer turned to social media to mark her stance in the fight against racism and stressed that he considers himself a benefited from the African-American culture.

“I am inspired by black culture”, indicated the artist of 26 years. And he added: “My style, how to I dance, I do my shows and my fashion has been influenced and inspired by black culture”.

In this way, he has made it clear that it is committed just to share information and important data about the African American culture in the United States. A different way, yours to the end, try to end inequality.

“From this day forward I will use my platform to learn, to talk about racial injustice and systematic oppression, and identify ways to be part of a very necessary change” added Bieber, and reflects RPP News.

In this way, after his words, he began to upload pictures to your account Instagram by way of tribute. And it started with Tupac Shakur, a rapper, actor, dancer, poet and activist, American.

This artist died during a shooting in Las Vegas in 1996, which is what became a legend in the North American country.

Then followed with another image of Jaden Smith the actor and rapper American, remembered for his role in the remake of Karate Kid (2010).

The son of Will Smith, with whom he performed in 2013 in the movie After Earth, he had a close bond with Justin, because he joined to sing the theme song Never say Never.

Also put up a photo of Usher singer, songwriter, dancer, music producer, and American actor. All of the images had more than 1.5 million likes.

Bieber had returned to be present very strong on the portals of news in recent weeks after the reappearance of the Anonymous.

In their complaints, the group cyberactivist he had rescued the “Pizzagate”, a very old conspiracy theory about child abuse that sprinkled to the policy and is linked to the Canadian.