Shocking: The sheer “delight” you want to give Rihanna


The singer and businesswoman barbadense 32 years, Rihanna, is one of the artists ms recognized in the world of music. With successes such as “Umbrella“, “Diamonds” and “Love on the Brain” it has created a successful musical career.

But a long time ago that the Caribbean has left aside the world of music and has focused squarely on the business world. Just this week, the beautiful brunette has released the first of the three parts that integrate the new season of their line of fashion.

As the equation is simple ms income equivalent to ms costs, that’s why Rihanna has settled its gaze on a new acquiring. A mansion in the areas of the Hamptons will be the new “delight” is given to the artist.

Priced at nearly 19 million dollars, the majestic property is located in one of the residential areas ms wealthy of the east coast of the United States. Thus you will be able to be the neighbour of celebrities the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Beyonc or Alec Baldwin.