10 Curiosities of Selena Gomez That Every Fan Should Know


If you have followed Selena’s career or are beginning to be interested in her, these data will help you to know her better

Selena Gomez has become a music and acting star, ever since she was very young she had her first television appearances as part of the Disney Channel and since then has remained in the spotlight.

More and more people declare themselves fans of her work on screen and on stage, but also of her beauty, which is why she has positioned himself as one of the most popular figures within social networks, especially Instagram.

If you have followed this artist for a long time then you will feel familiar with some of the data that we present below, but in any case, you will remember a lot of what makes Sel an admirable girl through these curiosities.

The mother of this singer was an admirer of the music of Selena Quintanilla, which is why she chose that name for her first daughter.

The key element for your skincare routine is heart-shaped rose quartz from the Kora Organics line.

One of the best pieces of advice she has received is to treat others as she would like to be treated, it was something she learned from a young age as it was the advice given by her mother.

She has different tattoos, including a musical note, a letter G, a Buddhist sign, the phrase love yourself, and a number 76 in Roman numerals.

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The girl received a kidney donation from her best friend, Selena, who has struggled with Lupus for several years and, as a result of the disease, required this surgery.

Selena has had the opportunity to travel around the world but admits that her favorite place to visit is Europe.

Selena asked what the most treasured objects possessing her and said they are the pieces of jewelry you own.

When I was little I was a fan of the Wizard of Oz movie.

Selena Gomez describes herself as a loyal, kind and generous person.

Selena values ​​her family too much and in addition to admitting that she could not live without them, she said that the first memory she has of her life is to see her mother painting.

Recently, Selena Gomez like other artists and figures from the entertainment world joined the Black Lives Matter movement and called for justice for George Floyd.