The much-praised sirt diet that transformed Adele has especially conquered women


It is based on healthy smoothies and poultry and promises a slim figure and longevity

Every now and then we read about a new diet that promises miracles and evolves into an international food movement with numerous followers. The latest “fashion” is the sirt, also known as the Sirt food diet, with which the beloved singer Adele lost so spectacularly that she immediately became famous with an excellent response, especially to women. But why; It is especially popular with women because it does not adhere to protein (many men avoid it because it has almost no red meat and especially beef). In fact, it is based on a very specific list of foods, while it promises minus 3.5 kilos in a week.

Adele is said to have confessed to her fans that she has lost almost 45 kilos in almost a year, but supporters of the Sirtfood diet say that this diet does not promise a big and fast weight loss but unique, long-term results.

In particular, the sirt diet is based on foods that contain certain substances, the sirtuin activators, that lead to the production of sirtuins in the body. Sirtuins boost metabolism and promote longevity. The program includes two stages: In the first 3 days one should consume up to 1000 calories from juices and one meal (all with food from the list) and the rest of the week 1500 calories again with food from the list.

Then there is a two-week maintenance period.

What she achieves

• Burns fat
• Increases muscle mass
• Regulates metabolism

What foods does it allow?

• apples
• blueberries
• buckwheat
• capers
• citrus fruits
• dark chocolate with at least 85% cocoa
• extra virgin olive oil
• green tea
• vegetables
• royal dates
• parsley
• red onions
• red wine
• arugula
• turmeric
• walnuts


Diet – Phase 1

For three days, limit calories to 1,000 per day and limit food to three green juices or smoothies with sort food (any combination of celery, cabbage, parsley) and 1 meal per day rich in sirtfood (turkey/chicken with capers, parsley, sage ). Starting from day 4 to day 7, increase your calories to 1,500 per day, with 2 green juices or smoothies with sirtfood and 2 sirtfood-rich meals per day.

Diet – Phase 2

For the next two weeks, you’ll see a steady weight loss as you eat 3 sirtfood-rich meals each day and a green juice or smoothie with sirtfood.