So Are the Mia Khalifa Quarantine Days

The former adult film actress has undergone a major physical change these days of confinement.

The remembered former adult film actress, Mia Khalifa showed how quarantine passes and what she does during her confinement. She has made up her mind to continue with her healthy and active life and this has paid off very well for her since she now sports a completely different physique.

The Khalifa through her social networks shares her exercise routines and her rigorous diets to keep fit and with a spectacular body, although on different occasions she has complained about her need to return to the gym, for the moment she is helping herself with what she can from House.

Despite her drastic change, the young woman remains one of the favorite stars of the Internet public, since she has a total of twenty and a half million followers on social networks and her publications constantly exceed 300 thousand likes, including, some go over a million.