Adele fights with tears


Three years ago, 72 people died in the Grenfell Tower in London. On the anniversary of the fire disaster, singer Adele fights with tears.

It was a night of horror when 72 people lost their lives in a fiery inferno in 2017 at the 24-story Grenfell Tower in London ‘s North Kensington district. The tragedy celebrated its third anniversary on Sunday (June 14). Reason enough for singer Adele (32, “Hello” ) to interrupt her break from the limelight and to give comforting words to the survivors and the bereaved of the victims. The musician always fought back tears herself.

Celebrate the lives “that were lived”

“Even if we currently have to do it in a virtual world, it is still important to mourn and remember that night together,” said the Briton in a live stream on YouTube , commemorating the disaster in the British capital has been. You also have to reflect on where you are today and celebrate the lives that were lived, said the star, who was born in the Tottenham district of London.

Due to the corona pandemic, Adele was only able to speak up this year by video – a fact that the 32-year-old visibly troubled. “I am so sad that we are not all together,” she said close to tears. Although it is always a sad event “when everyone comes together”, it is also nice to watch the “children run around”, Adele continued.

Comradeship is all the more important in Corona times

In the current situation, the singer feels more important than ever to support each other as a community. “There has never been a better time to demonstrate camaraderie – and compassion, openness and perseverance,” said Adele. It is scientifically proven that “humans are herd animals” that should not be left alone. “We need each other to survive,” said the mother of a seven-year-old son.

The “Skyfall” interpreter has long supported “Grenfell United”, a group that works for change to prevent tragedies similar to the one in June 2017. In her message, Adele affirmed how proud and moved she was about her work. “Your resilience is incomparable,” said the Grammy award winner, who hopes to be able to take part in the commemorative event again next year.

Broken refrigerator caused a big fire

A defective refrigerator had started a fire in the fourth floor kitchen in the Grenfell Tower three years ago, which quickly spread to a major fire. It took the London fire department more than 24 hours to control the inferno. Too long to save the lives of the 72 victims.