Digital Foundry revealed the details of ray tracing on the PlayStation 5 by analyzing game trailers


The Digital Foundry team posted on their channel a video about ray tracing technology on the PlayStation 5. In the video, technical experts analyzed the trailers shown at the Future of Gaming presentation and made certain conclusions.

Digital Foundry carefully studied the reflections in the Gran Turismo 7 demonstration. On separate frames, team representatives noticed chess rendering artifacts – technologies for generating high-resolution images based on lower-resolution images. Through calculations, experts also found that reflections in Gran Turismo 7 are displayed in 1080p resolution.

Then Digital Foundry went on to analyze the gameplay demo of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. It was found that not all objects are reflected on mirror surfaces in the game. Experts have shown this with examples of a barrier to hide behind, and a large platform. Elements of environmental objects flying in different directions during battles are also often not reflected.

In the trailer for Stray Digital Foundry, I noticed the shadow of the protagonist, a stray cat, in high resolution. And during the analysis of the Pragmata demonstration, experts concluded that the global lighting in the game works on the basis of ray tracing. However, reflections in the design are visible only on smooth mirror surfaces such as puddles. It is curious that there is another Pragmata trailer on the Capcom channel, where the platform on which the project will be released is not indicated. In it, the quality of the shadows and the lighting is a little better.

Digital Foundry experts in their video compared the individual effects of ray tracing on the PS5 and PC. Conclusions were not in favor of the console.

PlayStation 5 will appear on store shelves during the festive period of 2020. According to the latest rumors, the launch will take place on November 20.