Ghost Ship Hunting Begins: Sea of ​​Thieves Received Haunted Shores Free Update


Studio Rare has released another free update for the pirated action Sea of ​​Thieves. With the release of Haunted Shores (Ghost Shores), dangerous ghost ships appeared in the game, for the victory over which you can get special rewards and treasures. It is available to all Xbox One and PC users (Windows 10), as well as Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

From now on, in the open sea, players can find a ghostly armada of ships. She defends the Burning Blade, the flagship of Captain Flameheart, whose spirit has freed herself from imprisonment and found a way to summon supernatural powers from the Sea of ​​the Damned. Its appearance is indicated by a fiery skull that appears over some islands. Such ships are more susceptible to damage than conventional ones, but they outperform them in speed, are equipped with powerful airborne guns using ghostly nuclei and incendiary bombs, and leave sea mines.

You can take the task from Duke in the nearest tavern or at the Order of Souls trading company if the player has reached level 25 in it. After defeating the ghost of the ship of the Burning Heart ten times, users will receive the sails of the “Fire Blade”, and for the destruction of 500 cursed ships, they will get the mysterious sails of the ghostly captain. They will also be able to receive damned treasures and ghostly ammunition, causing increased damage due to the shock wave and rocking the enemy ship. Ghost ships will not disappear – this journey will remain in the game forever and will allow you to earn gold and reputation.

In addition, Haunted Shores added new pirate ballads and changed the system for their use. Players who have musical instruments can now select tunes using the new radial menu. The update made the dialogue wheel more convenient and introduced new temporary events (including shark hunting), thematic ships for fans of the State of Decay dilogy, emotions and looks for characters and pets.

Sea of ​​Thieves was released on March 20, 2018, on the Xbox One and PC (Microsoft Store). It was one of the first Microsoft internal studio games added to the Xbox Game Pass. Including due to this, in January 2020, the number of its users exceeded  10 million. On June 3, the action appeared on Steam, where for two weeks it has been holding the lead in the sales ranking. The Valve store version supports cross-platform multiplayer. The game is planned to move to the Xbox Series X.