The Last of Us 2, shop displays a modified cover with a sexist insult to Ellie


An Australian store exhibited a modified cover of The Last of Us 2 with a sexist insult to Ellie, the protagonist of the game.

An Australian video game store, JB HI FI, exhibited a modified cover of The Last of Us 2 which contains a sexist insult to Ellie, the protagonist of the game. In fact, it is an image that has been running for some time in the forums frequented by far-right players, as well as on the various social networks, in which the word ” An angry lesbian ” appears instead of the title.

The most reactionary part of the gamers has never accepted Ellie’s sexuality, since the time of the Left Behind DLC, but the offenses have become even more intense in recent months with the emergence of some details of the plot due to a large escape of news, which polarized the extremists even more.

Of course, seeing a similar image displayed in a shop really makes a bad impression, because it goes beyond the chatter from the internet and brings the delusions of certain factions in public. We honestly do not know if there have been repercussions for this matter, but we imagine that Sony will not take it well since it is one of its flagship products.

However, we remind you that The Last of Us 2 is an exclusive title for PS4, to be released tomorrow June 19, 2020. If you want more information about the game, read our review of The Last of Us 2 or one of the many specials that we have dedicated.

JB HI FI pulling no punches from gaming