xCloud’s streaming gaming service will move to Xbox Series X next year


It is reported that Microsoft is already planning to gradually get rid of the hardware of the Xbox One S in the servers of its streaming service Project xCloud. At least, according to Tom Warren from The Verge, Microsoft will make the Xbox Series X the base hardware system for xCloud.

Although this cloud service has so far been available only as part of limited testing, currently all games are played on servers based on the Xbox One S. Warren said that switching from them to the Xbox Series X will bring a huge increase, but this will happen only in 2021.

The tech reporter also tweeted that Microsoft is really going to launch xCloud sometime this year. Thus, at first, the service will work primarily on the basis of the Xbox One S. Warren confirmed the information that Microsoft wants to somehow tie the launch of the cloud service to the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

In theory, switching to the Xbox Series X will let you launch next-generation games in streaming mode and improve the performance of backward-compatible projects from the extensive Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox libraries. It is also possible that a couple of Xbox One generation games could be played on the same Xbox Series X server.