Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3: mythical weapons, battle pass and map


For years we have been witnessing the continuous updates of Epic Games and its famous battle royale. This time Fortnite is preparing for Season 3 with mythical weapons, a new map and the classic presentation trailers. Inside the article, you will find all the details of which we are aware of the update 13.00 of 17 June.

Let’s start by introducing the first video in which the new season is shown in the game, in the trailer we notice the first news. We are talking about aquatic areas infested with numerous incoming sharks. The latter can be useful for riding the waves and darting around the map, in addition, a new character and a new skin to be obtained arrive. Below is the video in question.

In particular, Aquaman ‘s superhero from DC Comics arrives, played by Jason Momoa. In this regard, I invite you to take a look at the guide for the challenges of Aquaman to obtain it.

Mythical weapons Fortnite Season 3

The surprises in the new Season 3 of Fortnite and, among these there are the mythical weapons to find and use to have the chance of victory. To do this, simply defeat the island bosses, among them the following names: Jules, Kit and Oceania.

Then at the beginning of the game, you will have to land on the island area of the new map where one of the bosses is present and defeat him to conquer the tools of his loot. Below I leave you the image of the probable map that we will see in the future.

New weapons

Speaking of weapons, the news is already coming about the new items that will probably be available in the new updates. Below I leave you the link of the twitter post of HYPEX, a user known for the news he provides in advance.

Inside the photo, it is clear that among the incoming weapons there will be the Charge Shotgun in 6 different levels, the Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle rifle and the Kit’s Shockwave Launcher grenade launcher. Also, I anticipate the presence of a new “bomb” similar to a bright jar.


There are no official and clear news about a possible presence of different means of travel within the island. We think that all the news, therefore also those relating to vehicles, will come at the end of the change of the map and of the possible land emerged on arrival.

Fortnite Season 3: Battle Pass

The Battle of Fortnite Season 3 Pass also introduces a new Build-A-Brella feature. It is a function that allows users to create their own umbrella and customize it to their liking. Care must be taken in choosing, however, because the change is permanent and cannot be changed.

They arrive, moreover, the Marauders within our games that will be authorized to increase the difficulty of the game and give us a chance to get some extra bonus. Finally, there will be a new lobby for pass holders, always with a water theme.

Battle pass skin chapter 2 season 3

Also from HYPEX come important information regarding the new skins of the coming season. Below I leave you the post in question. In addition to the new costumes, there are also new items to use during our games. Just as other movements will come to celebrate with friends and provoke your opponent.

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